Meet the Baker Monday: Rachael Relton

Rachael has been integral to DCS since the very beginning and is the creator of our logo, the sad gray cupcake.

Name: Rachael Relton
Bakery: Rachieroo Mum of Two Blog
Where: Margate. Kent, UK.
Favorite Recipe: White Chocolate Mud Cake by The Pink Whisk

What do you do to make yourself feel special?


What is your favorite recipe to make?

Quick n' easy brownies or meringues

Who do you most love baking for?


What's the best thing you have ever tasted?

Créme Brulé

What's your motto?

My family motto: "All we ask is that you try."

What makes you laugh?

My husband

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Early bird

What advice would you tell your past self?

Let it GO

Who is your fictional hero?

Lyra from His Dark Materials Trilogy

What's your guilty pleasure?

Eating peanuts with cheese n' onion crisps.