31 Times Lou Lou P's Delights Made our Hearts Explode

Lou Lou P's Delights is a resident genius here at DCS. Each morning, we eagerly check our fb to see what breathtaking, awe-inspiring masterpiece she has made for us. She is an innovative mastermind that should be on your radar. Don't believe us? Here are 31 times she made our hearts explode:

1) DCS Grilled Cheese Cloud Sandwich

Mi Tulip knows that grilled cheese is the best comfort food on the planet, and that there is a rainbow under the cloud if we stick together (unintentional pun) and love our friends on their bad days as much as we love them on their good days. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

2) Stick & Stones Candy Jars

This happened and our hearts exploded. We believe our friends can change the world with their talent and their kindness. We know we are at least going to give it our best shot. #dcstribe

These Candy Sticks and Chocolate stones jars will be available at Depressed Cake Shop Birmingham pop-up on Saturday 18th June

3) DCS Tin

Lou made these in celebration of our BBC Radio clip!

4) Anti-de"PURR"essants

Tiny kitty Anti-de'purr'essant Butter Shortbread Cookies. Take as and when needed ;)

5) Anxiety Blob Macarons

Homage to our collaboration plush doll with Sweatpants & Coffee. Buy one at our shop!

6) Positiveroles

Limoncello Cream Positiveroles with grey chocolate, sour rainbow chews and caramel.

7) Fortune Teller Cupcake Toppers

 Handpainted wafer paper version of schoolyard fortune tellers.

8) DCS Anxious Oreos

Notice the custom DCS mold?

9) Black Dog Wafer Surprise

Your true colours are beautiful like rainbows. Depression is sometimes referred to as 'The Black Dog'. Whenever it chooses to visit, just know that soon enough it will pass again. 

Wafer Paper Dog filled with Sour Sugar Strands, sherbet and popping candy. Tastes a little bit like a flying saucer

10) Words Matter Cupcake

11) Love Cookies

12) Beating Mental Illness Stigma Cupcake

With a teeny tiny whisk!
Vanilla Cupcake with gumpaste and wafer paper details

13) Please Mind your Head Cookie

Grey Shortbread cookie with Edible Thoughts

14) I'm Only Happy when it Rains

Black Sesame Seed Cookie

15) Mercurial Macarons

Handpainted Strawberry Milkshake Macarons

16) Crust Issues

Eat the crusts!

17) Neurochemistry of Happiness

Ring Doughnut with chocolate and mini macaron molecule sprinkles

18) 1 in 4 Kit Kat

Give yourself a break :)

19) Macaron Mug of Positivitea

Early Grey Tea Macaron

20) Measured Macarons

21) Cuddle Cookies

Chocolate & Vanilla Cookies handcut.

22) Anxiety

White Chocolate Heart with fondant birds. (Barbed wire not edible!)

23) Balancing "Polar" Bear Cookie

"Had to use a tiny bit of physics and a great deal of patience to make these. Sometimes we slip."

24) Mask Cake Pops

No one knows what anyone is really going through on the inside, so it is always wise to try to be kind. 

25) Stop Hating Yourself Cookies

"Food and mood are inextricably linked. 
Having an eating disorder is not a lifestyle choice, it is a mental illness.
You are not alone. Talk about it."

26) Ridin' Rainbow Rocky Roads

27) Colouring in Love Macarons

28) Silenced Macaron

29) Life Buoy Macarons

Grab hold!

30) Crestfallen Cannolis

Poor cannoli!

31) #LoveWins Cookies