DCS Happiness Hack

Smile for 10 seconds every morning, whether that's on your way to work, while you're making breakfast or as you're trying to get yourself out of bed to start the day.

Just 10 seconds. Try it.

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Meet the Baker Monday: VIKI KANE

As some of you know, we have a magical community of DCS co-conspirators all around the world. This is the first of a series of Monday posts highlighting the wonderful bakers of our DCS community.

Our first baker is Viki Kane of Just a Little Dessert Co. in California. Read her Q&A to learn what makes her laugh, what makes her flip tables and more. 

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MHA OC Luncheon

Guest blog by Depressed Cake Shop's chief co-conspirator Valerie Van Galder's sister, Jodi Margolin-Peterson.  Jodi talks about the keynote speech at Mental Health Association of Orange County's 22nd Annual MH Community Service Awards Luncheon. Jodi is a tenacious advocate for the homeless of Boise, Idaho and the founder of the Emerald House, a group home.

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