Welcome to the DCS family!

Thank you for joining us to help raise awareness for mental health issues.

We have hosted over 100 pop-ups and are excited for you to get involved!


Here is the recipe for a successful DCS pop-up:

    1) Choose your local CHARITY

  • Communication is key

    • make sure they will partner with you, provide support and be onsite

    • inquire whether they have a marketing/publicity arm that can help you promote your shop

    • ask for an annual report so you know where your money is going

    • ask if they have toolkits, pamphlets or supplies you can use

   2) Keep DCS HQ in the loop!

  • let us know about your event so we can post it on our page and help publicize/advertise

  • please email the following to info@depressedcakeshop.com

    • We need to know:





Key volunteers and organizers:

Why you decided to pop up your own shop:

Brief description:


   3) Get your VOLUNTEERS

  • Popping up a shop is fun, but there are a lot of details. It is great to grab a partner or two to help figure out the logistics


  • please post on our facebook page and tag us across all social media in order to take advantage of our community

    • pinterest: depressed cake shop

    • twitter: @depressedcake

    • instagram: @depressedcakeshop

    • fb: @depressedcakeshop

  • tag bakers and others involved!

    • including more followers and fans broadens our community and your coverage

   5) Bring your SUPPLIES

  • download our templates and print

    • information cards to distribute

    • buttons

    • stickers

    • flyers

  • don’t forget to bring food supplies such as:

    • paper plates

    • plastic forks

    • napkins

    • tongs

    • wax paper

    • gloves

  • and it is always handy to have basic supplies such as:

    • scissors

    • duct tape

    • extension cords

    • music player

    • bags

  • extra decor items such as

    • doilies

    • cake stands

    • chalk boards & pens

    • signs that have the price on them for each baked goods

   6) REPORT back!


Brief description of how event went:

Memorable moments (a story a patron may have told you, connection:

Please attach photos:


Click here for more toolkits & templates!